What makes KJL Compounds different than other producers?

We began producing high-quality products formulated with the purest forms of CBD isolate and THC distillate, not as a business proposition, but as a personal quest for wellness. After seeing improvements with the seizure disorder of our founder’s son, we were encouraged to make our products available to everyone.

KJL Compounds is committed to producing the highest-quality cannabis products available, formulated with the purest forms of CBD isolate and THC distillate to ensure our customers benefit from the highest-quality products available. We do not use any artificial colors or flavors in our products, and use organic ingredients when practical.

Full ingredient lists are available on our site for all products as well. We believe that transparency is critical to establishing relationships built on trust with our customers.

What’s the difference between THC and CBD?

While similar, THC and CBD have distinct differences that determine how they affect users.

A significant distinction between THC and CBD is that THC is responsible for the psychoactive effect often associated with smoking marijuana. CBD is considered an antagonist to THC, which means that not only will CBD not cause a high, but it actually suppresses some of the euphoric effects of THC.

What are the benefits of using CBD?

CBD can be an effective intervention for several problems. Many medications used today treat symptoms of health conditions without affecting the underlying issues.

CBD, when used in conjunction with THC in varying ratios, creates the “entourage effect” which produces balanced effects of different degrees for users.

When CBD binds to receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system, it stimulates a multitude of reactions in the body. Components of cannabis naturally work together, and the resulting wellness potential of the whole plant far exceeds the sum of its individual components.

What do ratios between CBD:THC mean and what are they good for?

KJL Compounds precisely formulated products contain pure CBD isolate and THC distillate in the following ratios.

1:1 – With an equal blend of cannabinoids, our 1:1 ratio products provide therapeutic relief for many conditions. Expect some euphoric effects.

2:1 – Doubling the CBD content in relation to THC balances the euphoria from THC further, allowing sensitive users to medicate more effectively and functionally. Expect to receive benefits from harmonized CBD and THC, rather than the traditional cerebral effects from standalone THC.

3:1 – Increasing the CBD ratio tends to decrease perceived psychoactive effects, making these products a fantastic choice to target many conditions, and promote overall wellness and harmony. For intense physical relief, this ratio is ideal for most.

50:1 – This CBD-rich ratio produces very minimal, to no, psychoactive effects as it primarily targets CBD receptors in the body.

Microdose – An increasingly popular way to use cannabis, microdosing entails ingesting relatively small amounts of cannabis throughout the day in order to receive its benefits while maintaining the ability to function in a creative capacity.

Everyone is talking about cannabinoids. What are they?

Chemicals unique to the cannabis plant are called cannabinoids, and over 100 have been identified. The two most discussed in regards to cannabis are THC and CBD. Years after THC was first isolated in the 1960s, scientists discovered there were dozens of cannabinoids that interact with THC, most notably CBD.

What ingredients does KJL Compounds use and how are your products made?

KJL Compounds products are formulated with the purest forms of CBD isolate and THC distillate, ensuring our customers benefit from the highest-quality products available. We extract our oils using carbon dioxide, and do not use butane or propylene glycol at any point in the production process.


All products are manufactured in our licensed kitchen in Denver, where our chef sources only high-quality ingredients. We take pride in producing products that we enjoy, and know you will as well.

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